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There is a Public Eatery food stall called Fabrique, which is located on the fourth floor of Robinsons Magnolia. Chef Kris Edison Tan is responsible for creating the restaurant’s famous French bread. They have a savory Pork Floss Croissant that is a nice treat any time of the day, and their lovely Croissant, which is full of deliciousness, is perfect with your morning coffee or just as a snack on a long day. If you want to have the ultimate breakfast, try their tangy Lemon Cream Cheese.

Fabrique Menu:


Fabrique Bakery Croissant
Pain Au Chocolat Croissant – Chocolate Batons Rolled in the Delicious, Buttery and Flakey Goodness₱160
Classic Croissant – A Buttery and Flaky Viennoise Pastry. Made With Pure Butter₱95
Rocher Croissant – The Classic Croissant Encased in a Wall of Dark Chocolate and Roasted Hazelnut Filled With Dark Chocolate Ganache₱180
Almond Croissant – Frangipane Filling Piped Inside the Delicious and Fragrant Pastry Topped With Toasted Almond Slices and Powdered Sugar.₱145
Matcha Croissant₱150
Pork Floss Croissant – A New Take on the Familiar Chinese Classic, Pork Floss on Top of Our Signature Croissant150


Fabrique Bakery Cakes
Buko Pandan Canned Cake₱350
Halo Halo Canned Cake₱280
Crema De Fruta Canned Cake₱250
Matcha French Flan (Sliced)₱290
Tiramisu French Flan (Whole)₱2300
Tiramisu French Flan (Sliced)₱370
Basque Burnt Cheesecake (Sliced)₱305


Fabrique Bakery Bacon and Cheddar Aioli
Cheese Puff – A Buttery and Flaky Viennoise Pastry Filled With Cheese and Topped With Caramelized Sugar₱140
Kouign Amann – Multiple Layers of Alternating Brioche Dough, Butter and Sugar, Baked to Perfection, Glazed With Caramelized Sugar₱140
Flan Parisienne – Rich Vanilla Custard Baked Together Inside the Buttery Laminated Dough₱165
Truffle Cheese Puff – Triple Cheese Filling With the Addition of the Earthy, Musky, and Umami-Rich Flavor of the Truffle₱150
Crobites – Croissant Dough Made Into Bite Size Pieces Coated With Sugar₱230
Bacon and Cheddar Aioli – Bacon and Cheddar on Top of Laminated Bread and Drizzled With Aioli₱140
Lemon Cream Cheese – A Buttery and Flaky Viennoise Pastry With a Lemon Cream Cheese Center Topped With Bianca Powder₱110
Sourdough Baguette – Long Traditional French Bread With a Crisp Crust and Honeycomb Interior, Crunchy Crust, Open and Airy Crumb With Rich and Deep Flavor₱240
Sourdough Loaf – Rich, Deep, Flavor With Mild Sourdough Tang₱300
Shokupan – Soft, Lightly Sweet, and Rich Bread₱230
Dinner Roll – Soft Buns With a Pillowy Texture, Buttery and Golden Brown Bread₱140

Fabrique Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the Fabrique Website here: https://thepubliceatery.com/pages/fabrique

Fabrique Contact Information

Fabrique Philippines Address: 4th Floor, Public Eatery, Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City, Philippines.

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