Esting’s Bellychon Menu Prices Philippines 2023

When you have a craving for the lechon belly that is the crispiest you have ever had, Esting’s Bellychon is the place to go! This Filipino restaurant with a family-oriented focus was established in 2014 by Rolly Antonio as an experiment aimed at producing the tastiest lechon during a family gathering. Since then, it has evolved into the beloved establishment that it is today. His mother spent a lot of time and effort perfecting the lechon recipe over the years, resulting in the dish having the distinctive characteristics customers still adore today.

Esting's Bellychon Branch
Esting’s Bellychon Branch

Esting’s Bellychon Menu:

Breakfast Menu

Esting's Bellychon Breakfast Menu
Daingchon Silog₱235
Longchon Silog₱182
Tochon Silog₱175
Tapachon Silog₱187
Baka Chon Silog₱219


Esting's Bellychon Mains
Humba Chon₱259
Paksiw Chon259
Adobo Chon259
Pancit Chon (Ala Carte)₱299
Cebu Belly Chon Meal₱145
Chili Belly Chon Meal₱150
Sinigang Chon₱299
Kare-kare Chon₱329
Sisig Chon₱299
Pinakbet Chon₱219
Cebu Chon Express₱332
Cebu Chon Small₱1725
Cebu Chon Medium₱3400
Cebu Chon Large₱4650
Binagoongan Chon₱259
Cebu Belly Chon 250g₱463
Cebu Belly Chon 500g₱869
Cebu Belly Chon 750g₱1159
Cebu Belly Chon 1000g₱1450
Chili Belly Chon 250g₱498
Chili Belly Chon 500g₱962
Chili Belly Chon 750g₱1246
Chili Belly Chon 1000g₱1595
Small Pancit Chon₱500
Medium Pancit Chon₱750
Large Pancit Chon₱1125
Small Canton Chon₱653
Medium Canton Chon₱986
Large Canton Chon₱1449
Bringhe Chon Small₱4200
Bringhe Chon Medium₱4625
Roasted Rosemary Chicken Half₱299
Roasted Rosemary Chicken Whole₱549
Tokwa’t Chon₱219
Pansit Bilao Small₱653
Pansit Bilao Medium₱986
Pansit Bilao Large₱1249

Food Tray

Esting's Bellychon Food Tray
Chopsuey Chon₱839
Bicol Express₱1079
Kare-Kare Chon₱1199
Paksiw Chon₱1080
Tokwa’t Chon₱939
Pinakbet Chon₱839

Side Dish

Garlic Rice₱39
Fried Egg₱20


Iced Tea₱30

Esting’s Bellychon Opening Hours

Opened daily open 9am to 8pm.

Esting’s Bellychon Online Delivery Information

You can order Esting’s Bellychon directly from food delivery sevices such as FoodPanda and GrabFood.

Esting’s Bellychon Branch Finder

Esting’s Bellychon main branch is located at San Pablo street Corner Mcarthur hiway Brgy. CM Recto, Angeles City, Philippines. More locations are spread around the country (easiest way to find them in through google)

Esting’s Bellychon Contact Information


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