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Traditional dampa dishes may be found at the Seafood Paluto & Grill restaurant, Dampa Express, which offers these dishes at reasonable costs. You can choose from a wide variety of seafood and various types of meat displayed and then have them cooked to order. Depending on how you like your food prepared, you can have it grilled, fried, or steamed.

Dampa Express Branch
Dampa Express Branch

Dampa Express Menu:


Dampa Express Squid
Adobong Pusit₱488
Sizzling Pusit578
Salted Egg Calamari

Pusit / Cuttlefish

Dampa Express Adobo Sa Gatang Lumot
Adobo Sa Gatang Lumot₱698
Grilled Plain698
Grilled Relyeno698
Grilled with Lemon Butter Sauce698


Dampa Express Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken₱388
Chicken Adobo₱298
Buttered Chicken₱388
Fried Chicken Salted Egg₱588
Buttered Chicken Bilao₱1158
Fried Chicken Bilao₱1148
Fried Chicken in Salted Egg Bilao₱1577


Dampa Express Pork
Pork Sisig₱398
Grilled Liempo₱388
Deep Fried Liempo398
Pork Adobo298
Pork Sinigang₱388
Crispy Pata Medium₱888
Crispy Pata Large₱988
Adobong Kangkong₱198
Crispy Kangkong198
Ensaladang Talong198
Ensaladang Mangga198
Ginataan Sitaw At Kalabasa258
Tortang Talong₱178
Pansit Platters₱398
Kangkong in Oyster Sauce₱158

Good For Sharing Crabs

Dampa Express Crab
Crab Regular₱898
Crab Regular Salted Egg₱1098
Crab Maritess / Salt and Pepper₱998
Crab Gata with Sitaw Kalabasa998
Good for 4-5 Pax
Crab Bilao Steamed₱1888
Crab sa Bilao Flavored1888
Crab Bilao Maritess / Salt and Pepper₱2088
Crab sa Bilao Salted Egg2088
Good for 10-12 Pax
Crab Biggie Flavored₱4488
Crab Biggie Matitess / Gata / Salt & Pepper₱4688
Crab Biggie Bilao Salted Egg4688

Good For Sharing Shrimps

Dampa Express Shrimp Bilao Tempura
Shrimp Regular Flavored598
Shrimp Salted Egg₱898
Good for 4-5 Pax
Shrimp Bilao Steamed₱1288
Shrimp Bilao Flavored1288
Shrimp Bilao Tempura1388
Shrimp Bilao Salted Egg1588
Good for 10-12 Pax
Shrimp Flavored Biggie₱3588
Shrimp Tempura Biggie3688
Shrimp Salted Egg Biggie3688

Good For Sharing Bilao

Dampa Express Mixed Bilao
Mixed Regular Flavored₱998
Mixed Regular Salted Egg₱1198
Good for 4-5 Pax
Mixed Regular Bilao Flavored₱1888
Mixed Bilao Steamed1888
Mixed Bilao Salted Egg1988
Good for 10-12 Pax
Mixed Biggie Bilao Flavored₱3788
Mixed Biggie Bilao Salted Egg₱3888

Tahong / Halaan

Dampa Express Steamed Oyster
Halaan Ginger Soup₱258
Baked Tahong Regular₱288
Baked Tahong Bilao₱788
Tahong Ginger Soup Regular258
Steamed Oyster Regular₱288
Baked Oyster Regular₱368
Steamed Oyster Bilao₱688
Baked Oyster Bilao₱888
Baked Scallops Regular₱488
Baked Scallops Bilao₱888


Dampa Express Seadfood Fiesta Bilao
Seadfood Fiesta sa Bilao₱2888
Seafood Fiesta Biggie₱4698
Seafood Mixed Fiesta Biggie₱4498
Trio Bilao – Tahong₱1788
Trio Bilao – Oyster1788
Trio Bilao – Chicken1788
Trio Bilao – Liempo1788
Trio Bilao – Tuna Panga1788
Dampulutan Set A₱2288
Dampulutan Set B₱1988

Good for Sharing Salmon

Dampa Express Salmon Head
Salmon Belly Sigang Plain₱438
Salmon Belly Sigang Sa Miso438
Sizzling Salmon Belly488
Grilled Salmon Belly with Lemon Butter Sauce438
Deep Fried Salmon Belly438
Salmon Head Sigang Plain₱398
Salmon Head Sigang Sa Miso398
Salmon Laman Sigang Plain₱688
Salmon Laman Sigang Sa Miso688
Grilled Salmon Laman with Lemon Butter Sauce588

Lapu Lapu

Lapu Lapu Steamed Oyster Sauce₱638
Lapu Lapu with Mayonnaise638
Lapu Lapu Escabeche638
Lapu Lapu Sweet and Sour638
Sinigang Lapu Lapu Sa Miso638
Lapu Lapu with Light Sauce638
Sinigang na Lapu Lapu638


Kilwaing Tanigue₱488
Tanigue Sigang Plain488
Tanigue Sigang sa Plain / Miso488
Tanigue Grilled with Lemon Butter Sauce488


Grilled Tuna Belly₱398
Tuna Sisig₱458
Tuna Belly Sigang Plain / Miso458
Grilled Tuna Panga₱398
Tuna Panga Sigang Plain398
Tuna Panga Sigang Miso398

Dampa Express History

In 2017, a couple of forward-thinking business owners devised a plan to deliver a scaled-down version of the Dampa seafood experience to neighbourhoods nationwide. The scaled-down model has allowed the Company’s proprietors to open satellite locations even in modest retail areas, giving their clientele access to lower prices and quicker turnaround times. It would establish the Company as a leading “seafood” dining franchise in the Philippines.

Their mission is to spread the authentic Manileo Dampa seafood culture to Filipinos living in remote Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and everywhere in the world. Dampa Express is dedicated to creating a cultural legacy that will outlive its founders and continue enriching future generations’ lives.

Through a proudly local seafood tradition in the Philippines for over 40 years, they are leaving their stamp on history by fostering relationships between families and friends and giving the comfort and ambience necessary to create a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Dampa Express Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the Dampa Express. Simply message them on Facebook and they’ll send you all information for a prompt delivery. You can also use Foodpanda & Grabfood or any other food delivery that operates in your area to deliver your seafood directly.

Dampa Express Branch Finder

Currently, Dampa Express have multiple branches across the Philippines. Check out their location map to find the nearest branch to you.

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