Coffee Project Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Coffee Project is a homegrown, Philippine-based coffee shop recently recognized as the 24th Most Instagrammable Cafe in the World. It opened its first branch at Starmall Alabang, Muntinlupa. Serving good quality concoctions of espresso-based drinks and mouth-watering food, Coffee Project aims to provide excellent coffee and gracious service, creating memorable experiences for people.

Coffee Project Branch
Coffee Project Branch

Coffee Project is not just an ordinary café; besides the best-tasting coffee and beverages, they also serve a wide variety of delicious food like cakes, pasta, rice meals, and sandwiches.

Coffee Project Menu:

Blended Delights

Coffee Project Blended Delights
Coffee Based Frappe16oz20oz
Mocha Frappe₱235₱250
Cappuccino Frappe₱230₱245
Creme Brulee Frappe₱250₱265
Cookie Crumble250265
Non Coffee Based Frappe
Dark Chocolate₱235₱250
Vanilla Macadamia₱220235
Caramel Vanilla₱225₱240
Chocolate Cookie₱240₱255
Strawberry Vanilla240255

Caffeinated Drinks

Coffee Project Hot Tea
Cafe Latte200215
Cafe Mocha₱215₱230
Caramel Latte₱225₱240
White Chocolate Mocha225240
Coffee Indochine₱215₱230
Vietnamese Latter₱240₱255
Hot Chocolate₱205₱220
Hot Tea₱185₱200
Hot Milk₱140₱155
Iced Americano₱205₱220
Iced Cappuccino₱215₱230
Iced Latte215230
Iced Mocha₱230₱245
Iced Chocolate₱220₱235
Iced Caramel₱240₱255
Caphe Suada₱255₱270
Iced Indochine₱230₱245
Cold Brew₱225₱240
Sweet Cold Brew₱230₱245


Coffee Project Breakfast
Beef Tapa₱413
Boneless Bangus₱380
Garlic Longganisa₱391
Boneless Bangus380
Garlic Longganisa391
Mushroom Omelette₱314
Ham & Cheese Omelette₱320
Continental Breakfast₱440
French Toast₱310
Corned Beef₱358
Caramelized Spam₱347
Fish & Chips₱336
Chicken Parmigiana₱413
Mushroom & Garlic Chicken₱402
Garlic Fried Chicken₱435
Southern Style Pork Loin₱435


Coffee Project Chicken Penne Pasta
Arrabbiata Penne₱341
Creamy Pesto & Mushroom Pasta₱374
Sausage & Garlic Pasta in Olive Oil435
Chicken Alfredo435
Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya₱380
Sausage Aglio Olio352
Sausage Arrabiata369
Salted Egg & Chicken Pasta369

Sandwiches / Salad

Coffee Project Sandwich
Clubhouse Sandwich374
Tuna Melt Sandwich319
Spam & Egg Sandwich319
Bacon 4 Cheese Sandwich₱352
Cheesy Spinach Quesadilla₱347
Caesar Salad₱295
Greek Salad₱315
California Kani Salad295

Tortilla Pizza

Coffee Project Pizza
Cheese Pizza₱305
Pepperoni Pizza₱352
Godfather Pizza385
Bacon & Cream Cheese Pizza₱435


Coffee Project Pastries
Blueberry Danish₱150
Cheese Croissant150
Ham & Cheese Croissant150
Sausage Roll160
Bacon & Egg155
Chocolate Croissant150
Sweet Potato Cake (Regular)145
Sweet Potato Cake (Large)165
Red Velvet Muffin155
Chocolate Muffin155
Banana Muffin155
Cashew Nut Brownies165
Chocochip Bar Brownies165
White Choco Caramel Brownies165
CP Cakes
Blueberry Cheesecake (Sliced)285
Blueberry Cheesecake (Whole)3025
Decadent Chocolate Cake (Sliced)255
Decadent Chocolate Cake (Whole)2695


Plain Rice₱85
Garlic Rice₱95
Caramel Syrup55
Chocolate Syrup55
Hazelnut Syrup55
Strawberry Syrup55
White Chocolate Syrup55
Macadamia Syrup55
Sugar Syrup55
Raspberry Syrup55
Creme Brulee Syrup55
Chocolate Cookie Syrup55
Whipped Cream55
Garlic Bread₱85
Tomato, Lettuce & Cucumber60


Crystal Clear₱75
Coke Light₱110
Coke Zero₱110

Coffee Project History

AllValue Corp, the Villar Group of Companies’ retail division, operates a coffee shop chain known as Coffee Project. Manny B. Villar is the one who conceived up Coffee Project.

The original Coffee Project storefront debuted in 2014 in Starmall Alabang, Muntinlupa. Coffee Project’s mission is to serve high-quality espresso-based drinks and delicious food while providing outstanding customer service.

The signature blend of Coffee Project consists of 70% Brazilian Arabica and 30% Sumatran Robusta. The resulting brew is rich in aroma and flavor, with hints of chocolate and fruit.

Coffee Project Online Delivery Information

You can order certain items directly from the Coffee Project Website, and other items from food delivery services like Foodpanda or Grabfood, etc..

Coffee Project Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Coffee Project has 56 branches across the Philippines. You can check their webpage to find a location near you. Opening hours are between 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Coffee Project Contact Information

Coffee Project Philippines Head Office Address: 4th Level, Starmall Alabang 1740 Muntinlupa City, Philippines


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