China Blue By Jereme Leung Menu Prices Philippines 2023

China Blue by Jereme Leung is a fine dining establishment that serves contemporary takes on classic Chinese dishes and features the talents of celebrity chef Jereme Leung. The restaurant’s main dining space is highlighted by glistening blue chandeliers, and guests can look out the floor-to-ceiling windows to see Manila Bay in the distance.

The best of both worlds can be had at China Blue by Jereme Leung, where traditional Chinese recipes are given a contemporary twist. Leung’s upbringing and training as a chef have allowed him to put his authentic Hong Kong heritage on a dish while adding his creative spin. Come try it out for yourself at Conrad Manila.

China Blue Menu:

China Blue Appetizers and Cold Dishes Specialty

China Blue Oven-Baked Scallops
Sour plum, sweet vinegar-marinated cherry tomatoes₱330
Chicken, green apple and crispy beancurd salad, truffle dressing₱950
Jellyfish, shredded chicken and century egg salad flambé₱600
“Shanghai style” soya braised fish600
Deep-fried vegetarian bean curd sheet pickled cucumber with pancake wrapper₱790
Ivy plant and bamboo shoot salad, sesame onion oil dressing₱500
Oven-baked scallops with creamy cheese sauce₱1390
Stir-fried shiitake mushrooms, sweet vinaigrette sauce₱400
Crispy oyster mushrooms, curry flavored fried garlic and sour cream dip₱450
An array of Chinese cold dishes, house specialty of China Blue₱990
Goose liver mousse, cherries, squid ink crumble990
Fried soft shell crab, “Bi Fong Tang style”890
Paper-thin crispy beef in sweet and spicy sauce590
Golden prawn toast, salted egg, pickled cabbage690

China Blue Chinese Tea Menu

Premium Dragon Well Long Jing, Green Tea₱280
Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea₱320
Taiwan Ginseng (Lan Gui Ren) Oolong Tea₱220
Ripened Aged Loose Pu-Erh Tea220
Fengqing Wild Tree Yesheng Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake 2014₱420
Tie Guan Yin “Iron of Goddess“ Oolong Tea₱220
Taiwan Osmanthus “Gui Hua“ Oolong Tea220
Chrysanthemum Bulb Tea₱280
Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea220

China Blue Regional Chinese Dim-Sum Series

China Blue Regional Chinese Dim-Sum Series
Steamed crystal shrimp dumplings “Har Kau”₱330
Steamed scallop and shrimp pork dumpling “Siew Mai”₱330
Steamed honey glazed roasted “Char Siew” pork buns₱280
Steamed chicken feet with XO, black bean sauce₱250
Steamed pork spare ribs with fried garlic sauce₱250
Poached minced ginger pork dumpling with fried garlic vinegar sauce250
Taro dumpling “WoGok” with scallop₱320
Stir-fried radish cake with XO sauce₱280
Deep-fried roasted duck and dry shrimp hand bag pastry puff₱350
Homemade mackerel fish ball vegetable congee₱290
Shredded chicken and dry scallop congee290
Assorted mushroom, bamboo pith vegetable congee₱250
Freshly made rice roll with shrimp and asparagus₱360
Freshly made rice roll with barbecued pork and coriander₱320
Freshly made rice roll with scallop and sun-dried scallops₱380
Pan-fried handmade rice roll with Guangdong chicken, sakura shrimp and spring onion₱320

China Blue The Bygones Dim-Sum Series

Deep-fried homemade mackerel fish cake with brown gravy sauce₱320
Steamed dry scallop seafood with coriander flower shape dumpling₱350
Deep-fried crispy prawn wonton₱290
Deep-fried smoked duck, taro vegetable spring roll₱300
Steamed chicken and vegetable sweet corn dumpling₱290
Deep-fried beancurd rolls with chives and seafood₱320
Deep-fried honey Matsusaka pork carrot shape dumpling₱330

China Blue The Gourmet Dim-Sum Series

China Blue Gourmet Dim-Sum Series
Steamed house specialty truffle mushroom buns₱330
House specialty black and gold egg custard buns330
Deep-fried smoked duck with mushroom green pear dumpling₱330
Oven-baked honey sesame barbecued pork pastry puff₱300
Steamed Yin Yang shrimp dumpling and chicken mushroom truffle dumpling₱240

China Blue Deluxe Dim-Sum Series

Steamed chicken with black garlic soup dumpling₱320
Steamed organics duo glutinous rice with abalone and chicken₱390
Wild fungus dumpling with black truffle oil320

China Blue Chinese Barbecue

China Blue Roasted Duck
Barbecued whole roasted suckling pig, “Hong Kong style”Seasonal
Golden roast U.S. duck with pancake wrappersSeasonal
Barbecued honey-glazed Matsusaka pork neck₱760
Garlic-flavored roasted chicken with baby cucumber in mango savory sauce₱1250
Crispy baby pigeon, “Chinese herbal style”Seasonal
Roasted shallot chicken in rock salt flambé₱720
Barbecued scallops skewer with bacon, black pepper sauce₱1390

Bird’s Nest Soup (per person)

Braised bird’s nest soup with superior crab roe₱3600
Bird’s nest, dried scallops, sea cucumber, silken chicken soup3600
Braised bird’s nest with seafood, spinach and egg white pearl broth3600
Bird’s nest, roasted duck, bamboo pith and mushroom coriander soup₱3900
Braised bird’s nest with abalone and dried fish lip soup₱4100

Soup and Consommé (per person)

“Monk jumps over the wall” soup₱3300
Double-boiled moon fish clam, healthy Chinese herb, black chicken₱650
Braised fish lips and fish soup infused with coriander₱550
Superior crab roe with braised sea cucumber and seafood broth₱760
Silken chicken soup with sea cucumber, chrysanthemum tofu₱720
Assorted seafood, eight hour golden broth₱750
Classic seafood hot and sour soup₱440
Minced beef, sea moss, pickled vegetable spring onion soup₱490
Tibetan rock grains, ivy plant, sweet corn and silken tofu soup400
Double-boiled peach gum with fresh mushrooms, cordyceps flower soup₱400
Special soup of the day₱350

Classic Chinese Delicacies

Braised sea cucumber, roasted garlic and shiitake mushrooms₱2300
Braised sea cucumber with shrimp mousse and Tibetan rock grains sauce₱2500
Braised two-headed whole abalone with dried scallops in superior abalone sauce₱5400
Braised two-headed whole abalone with stuffed shiitake mushroom, black garlic golden sauce₱5900
Braised abalone, assortment of sea treasure in a clay pot₱3800
Braised baby abalone with crab claw, fried fish maw in dried scallops sauce₱3120
Braised sea cucumber, diced seafood and bean curd sheet with dried shrimp onion sauce₱1450

Poultry and Meats

U.S. beef tenderloin with Chinese walnuts₱1320
Wagyu beef cheeks and tendon with radish in a hot pot₱1850
Wok-fried U.S. beef tenderloin, asparagus and Hunan pepper₱1320
Sautéed U.S. beef, king oyster mushroom and leek with chef’s special 13 spices mix₱1290
“Taiwanese style” three cup chicken casserole₱590
Chicken and dried ginger, fried garlic casserole590
Stir-fried pork with pickled mustard and bamboo shoot₱680
“Sichuan style” wok-fried spicy chicken₱590
Crispy pork with strawberry in sweet and sour sauce₱700
“Hong Kong style” fried pork ribs with fried garlic₱720
Stir-fried Xin Jiang cumin lamb or beef with leeks, served with momo wrappers₱1250
Wok-fried diced chicken with Sichuan pepper corn₱590
“Hangzhou style” soya braised pork belly served with steamed mini bun850
Wok-fried crispy pork belly with garlic-infused sweet and sour soya sauce₱850
Braised pork spare ribs with pork tendon and wild mushroom₱890


China Blue Seafood
Live shrimp (poached with ginger and Shaoxing wine or fried with five spice salt)Veries
Deep-fried crab claw, coated with shrimp paste and salted egg taoso₱780
Simmered golden pomfret, slice pork with shallot and ginger, traditional style₱1380
Braised seafood with bean curd served in a sizzling hot pot₱1150
Stir-fried live black garoupa with bell pepper and candy walnutVeries
Wok-fried sea prawn skewer with asparagus in Sichuan garlic sauce₱1400
Crispy-fried squid in five spice salt₱590
Crispy-fried shrimp with wasabi and mango salsa₱990
Simmered fried snow fish with leek and duo of mushrooms hot pot1420
Oven-baked snow fish in honey teriyaki sauce with egg white and crab meat₱1420
Wok-fried scallops with asparagus in black truffle sauce1490
Pan-fried scallops and shrimp mousse in crab roe sauce₱1490
Baked king prawn and crystal noodle with spring onion and old ginger sauce₱2100
Wok-fried scallop and shrimp with sakura shrimp dry chili sauce₱1650
Egg white custard with scallops, clams and shrimp in crab roe sauce₱1620
Deep-fried soft shell crab and shrimp with calamansi sweet and sour mango dressing₱1190
Sautéed prawn, assorted mushroom and seasonal greens with signature XO sauce₱1400

Vegetables and Tofu

Homemade spinach bean curd in Sichuan eggplant and minced chicken sauce₱600
Stir-fried crispy lotus root with sweet and sour sauce₱450
Stir-fried assorted mushrooms with asparagus in vegetarian XO sauce₱520
Pan-fried stuffed shitake mushroom and tofu served with signature truffle golden sauce₱890
Braised vegetarian meat and mushroom with glass noodles₱490
Wok-fried string beans with spicy minced pork and dried shrimps topped with meat floss₱520
Braised fish mousse, Sichuan vegetable and eggplant clay pot₱890
Poached Hong Kong vegetables with sea treasures in superior stock₱780
Crispy pumpkin coated with salted duck eggs₱500
XO sauce / spicy sun-dried shrimps / garlic / spiced soya beans /
soya sauce / Stir-fried / fermented tofu

Rice and Noodles

China Blue Rice
Scallops and egg white fried rice with spring onions₱790
Fried rice with diced chicken, Chinese sausage and tomatoes₱530
“Cantonese style” salted fish, fried rice with diced chicken₱600
Wok-fried rice with honey Barbecued pork, taro and dry shrimp₱730
Wok-fried lobster and Hong Kong noodles with superior stock and ginger spring onionSeasonal
Fried somen noodles with fried tofu and vegetarian ham₱520
Stir-fried rice vermicelli, roasted duck with snow vegetable and bean sprout₱550
Yang chow fried rice₱650
Wok-fried Hong Kong noodles duo of seafood “Traditional Style”₱790
Seafood fried rice with signature XO sauce₱700
Wok-fried organic black rice with wild mushrooms, wolfberryand assorted vegetables₱450
Wok-fried homemade “Ho Fan” with seafood and egg white sauce₱830
Stir-fried Ho Fan noodles, with U.S. beef, onion and vegetables₱700
Crispy Hong Kong egg noodles with shrimp, chicken, pickled mustard in hot and sour sauce₱790
Braised e-fu noodles with seafood and vegetables₱870


Bird’s nest with stuffed orange peach sorbet and tropical fruit₱2900
Almond cream with bird’s nest and mini crystal dumpling₱3100
Hot or cold Chinese pear in sun-dried longan syrup, gingko nuts and snow fungus₱290
Almond pudding with lychee sorbet and ube stick₱360
Mango crepe parcel with strawberry ice cream₱390
Coconut charcoal ice cream, crispy cheese cracker, toasted bread₱320
Chilled sago cream with mango puree₱290
Mango ice cream served with crispy rice crackers, gold leaf red bean oreo dumpling₱390
Seasonal local fruits₱430

China Blue History

Chef Jereme Leung, renowned for his skill at fusing classic Chinese flavors with contemporary techniques, meticulously crafts each meal. The menus at Conrad Manila have been thoughtfully curated for the Manila market, emphasizing abundant local flavor.

China Blue Opening Hours

Lunch 11:00 am – 2:30 pm / Dinner 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

China Blue Online Delivery Information

To arrange a delivery or to book a dine-in at the restaurant please call them at: 2 8833 9999. They also offer (a limited) menu online ordering via their website at:

China Blue Contact Information

China Blue Philippines Address: Level 3, Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines

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