ChawadiCup Menu Prices Philippines 2023

When Ken and Wilson first met in Bangkok, they quickly discovered that they both had a passion for Thai milk tea and quickly decided to start ChawadiCup together. Following their travels throughout Thailand, the pair concluded that they wanted to bring their love of Thai milk tea back to the Philippines and open their own establishment dedicated to the beverage. They now provide a huge selection of flavors, including fruit teas, coffee, chocolate beverages, and mixtures from their cheesy series.

ChawadiCup Branch
ChawadiCup Branch

ChawadiCup Menu:

ChawadiCup Signature

ChawadiCup Signature
A1 – Chawadi Chayen₱149
A2 – Cheesy Watermelon₱169
A3 – Bora Bora169
A4 – Blue Galaxy149
A5 – Coco Cha Yen149
A6 – Authentic Thai Lemon Tea149
A7Taro Milk Tea149
A8 – First Love169

Milk Tea Series

ChawadiCup Milk Tea Series
B1 – Cha Yen₱119
B2 – Three Elephant Milk Tea119
B3 – Cha Keow Yen139
B4 – Okinawa Milk Tea119
B5 – Jasmine Milk Tea119
B6 – Pearl Milk Tea119

Fruit Series

ChawadiCup Fruit Series
C1 – Watermelon Tea119
C2 – Thai Sour Calamondin139
C3 – Jasmine Lemon Tea149
C4 – Thai Black Lemon Tea149
C5 – Blue Butterfly Lemon Tea149
C6 – Watermelon Soul159
C7 – Coffee Manao169

Coffee & Chocolate Series

D1 – Kopi Cha Yen149
D2 – Oliang Kopi149
D3 – Chawadi Kopi169
D4Chawadi Chocolate149
D5 – Coco Green Tea169

Cheesy Series

E1 – Cheesy Jasmine Tea139
E2 – Cheesy Wintermelon Tea139
E3 -Cheesy Thai Black Tea139
E4 – Cheesy Thai Green Tea139

ChawadiCup Opening Hours

Opened 7 days a week from 11:45 AM to 11 PM daily.

ChawadiCup Online Delivery Information

For quick delivery you can call them at: 945 855 0999 and give all information needed for a quick delivery. You can also use Foodpanda and Grabfood delivery services.

Branch Finder

Currently there is only 1 location opened at: 755 Ongpin St, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila, Philippines, Opened 11:45 AM–11 PM. Another branch will soon be opened at N Domingo.

ChawadiCup Contact Information

Call Us

945 855 0999


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