But First, Coffee Menu Prices Philippines 2023

But First, Coffee is a coffee shop that prides itself on providing the greatest coffee to everyone, everywhere. Their offerings center on coffee and the non-caffeinated beverages in our new Milk-Based range. Vietnamese and Spanish lattes are particularly popular. Drip brewed with Barako beans or espresso brewed with Arabica beans is just two of the many options available to customers.

But First, Coffee Branch
But First, Coffee Branch

They’re proud to be a company whose mission is to improve people’s lives. Our company is small, and supporting local farmers by purchasing their goods was important. We used it to create a low-cost, high-quality coffee. It can generate new business to counteract the widespread loss of employment.

But First, Coffee Menu:

Drip Based

But First, Coffee Drip Based
500ml Jar
1L Bottle
Plain Black Drip₱55₱60₱100₱190
Vietnamese Drip₱65₱70₱110₱210
Classic Drip₱75₱90₱130₱230
Caramel Drip₱85₱100₱140₱240
Vanilla Drip85100140240
Hazelnut Drip85100140240

Espresso Based

Available in Dark Roast and Medium Roast
But First, Coffee Spanish Latte
500ml Jar
1L Bottle
Cafe Latte₱120₱130170₱460
Spanish Latte120130170460
Caramel Macchiato120130170460
Salted Caramel Latte120130170460
Butterscotch Latte120130170460
Cafe Mocha120130170460
White Chocolate Moacha120130170460

Matcha Series

But First, Coffee Matcha Strawberry
500ml Jar
Matcha Latte₱100110₱150
Matcha Espresso₱110120₱160
Matcha Strawberry₱120₱130₱170

Milk Based

But First, Coffee Iced Milky Butterscotch
Iced Milky Choco120
Iced Milky Caramel120
Iced Milky Salted Caramel120
Iced Milky Butterscotch120

Peppermint Mocha

But First, Coffee Peppermint Mocha
12oz Hot₱140
16oz Iced₱150
500ml Jar Iced₱190
1L Bottle Concentrate₱500

Snacks and Pastries

But First, Coffee Breakfast
Revel Bar₱55
Banana Bread₱55
Blueberry Cheesecake₱170
1 pc Choco Chip Cookie with Walnut₱40
4 pcs Choco Chip Cookie with Walnut₱120
8 pcs Choco Chip Cookie with Walnut₱175
Coffee Bun₱90
Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini₱160
Pulled Pork Sandwich160
Breakfast Wraps
Spanish Chorizo Breakfast Wrap₱95
Adobo Flakes Breakfast Wrap₱90
Beef and Mushroom Pot Pie₱120
Spaghetti and Meatballs₱120
Chicken Alfredo Pasta₱150
Mushroom and Bacon Aioli₱140

Their History

To ensure that every Filipino can affordably enjoy great coffee, they source only the highest quality beans from Filipino farmers. They combine them with our collective technical experience to produce a product that can compete with the industry’s greatest names without sacrificing affordability. Anyone, everywhere, may get their hands on a cup of our finest coffee thanks to our complimentary delivery service.

Anna Magalona, founder of But First, Coffee, started the company with only 6,000 with a mission to provide good coffee at a reasonable price while also assisting in creating jobs and enterprises.

Anna quit her full-time job as a business development manager at a software company, where she had worked for three years, shortly after launching her fourth location. “It was a dream job,” she says. She believes this to be one of the riskiest things she’s ever done.

Online Delivery Information

The easiest way to order your coffee is through food delivery services such as Foodpanda, Grabfood or any service that is active in your area.

Branch Finder

With over 40+ branch locations across the Philippines, the easiest way to find a branch near you is to google search But First, Coffee Locations.

Contact Information

Philippines Head Office Address: Ground Floor, NYS2 Building, 1260 Batangas, Makati, 1234 Metro Manila, Philippines

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