BIF’s Smoke & Grill Menu Prices Philippines 2023

At Bif’s Smoke & Grill in Angeles City, you can get huge amounts of American-style burgers, steaks, and smoked ribs that have been topped with US wood chips for a unique flavor and scent. The meal is as visually and gastronomically appealing as it is to look at. If you’ve been craving these all-time favorites, a cheat day is the perfect opportunity to indulge.

Easily accessible to anyone, it may be found in Nepo Quad. You can choose to eat indoors at the wooden tables and chairs or outside in the pleasant weather. I enjoy being here because of the calm and peaceful atmosphere that the site exudes.

BIF’s Smoke & Grill Menu:

Soups & Salad

BIF's Smoke & Grill Salad
Soup of The Day₱110
French Onion Soup₱120
Bacon Corn Chowder120
BIF’s Caesar Salad₱250
BIF’s House Salad250


BIF's Smoke & Grill Buffalo Wings
BIF’s Buffalo Wings (3 pcs)₱230
BIF’s Buffalo Wings (6 pcs)₱440
Chipolte Chili Fries₱220
Smoked Pulled Pork Nachos₱230
Nacho Stack230
BIF’s Chili Con Carne₱180
Chili Con Brisket₱280

BIF’s Burgers and Hearty Sandwiches

BIF's Smoke & Grill Burgers
BIF’s Classic American Burger₱210 / ₱310
BIF’s Texas BBQ Burger₱230 / ₱330
Double Bacon Stacker₱250 / ₱370
Chili Burger240 / ₱350
Pepperoni Pizza Burger250 / 370
Big Ranch Sandwich₱310
Shrimp Roll310
Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich₱250
Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich280
Braised Beef Belly Sandwich₱320
Chili Dog₱270
Grilled Chicken Sandwich270
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich250
Smoked Brisket Grilled Cheese Sandwich280

For Sharing

BIF's Smoke & Grill BBQ Pork Ribs Slab
BIF’s B.A.D (Big Ass Deadly) Burger₱1099
BIF’s Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs Slab (Half)₱950
BIF’s Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs Slab (Whole)₱1850
Slow and Smoked Platter₱1650
Roasted Chipotle Honey Mustard Chicken₱750

Smokin’ Corner

BIF's Smoke & Grill Smoked BBQ Pork Belly
Smoked BBQ Pork Belly₱370
Smoked Half Chicken (Regular)₱320
Smoked Half Chicken (Cajun)₱340
Smoked Spatchcock Chicken₱750

Grilled Steaks

BIF's Smoke & Grill Angus Ribeye Steak
Rib Eye₱1890

Home Comforts

BIF's Smoke & Grill BBQ Salmon
Braised Beef Belly₱399
Maple Glazed Pork Chop₱380
Garlic Shrimp₱320
BBQ Salmon₱380
BIF’s Fried Chicken (4 pcs)₱300
BIF’s Fried Chicken (8 pcs)₱600
Hamburger Steak₱299
Braised U.S. Beef Short Ribs₱399

BIF’s Top Ups

Homemade Crispy Golden Fries₱100
Parmesan Mashed Potato₱95
Buttered Fresh Vegetables₱60
Homemade Pickles₱50
House Slaw50
Corn Wheels50
Steamed White Rice₱30

BIF’s Smoke & Grill Opening Hours

Open daily between 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

BIF’s Smoke & Grill Online Delivery Information

For food delivery you can find BIF’s in the Foodpanda food delivery app and other services in the area.

BIF’s Smoke & Grill Contact Information

BIF’s Smoke & Grill Philippines Address: Nepo Quad, Angeles City, Philippines

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