Auntie’s Bakery 1984 Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Not only does Auntie’s Bakery serve delicious baked products, but it also serves delectable dishes inspired by Filipino cuisine and its world-famous rolls. It would be best if you left their restaurant with delicious Spanish bread, siksik, and the wonderful pancit meals and various other delicacies they provide there.

Auntie's Bakery 1984 Branch
Auntie’s Bakery 1984 Branch

Auntie’s Bakery 1984 Menu:

Auntie’s Bakery

Auntie's Bakery 1984
Asado Roll₱220
Spanish Bread₱120
Soft Cheesy Loaf120
Raisin Loaf₱200
Cinnamon Rolls₱180
Pan de Coco₱85
Ube Macapuno Loaf₱190
Monggo Swirl₱99
Ube Cheese Pandesal₱140
Ham & Cheese₱145
Sausage Rolls₱220
Tuna Pan220
Queso de Bola Ensaimada₱330
Cheddar Cheese Roll₱230
Prune Cake Small₱520
Prune Cake Big₱990
Chewy Crinkles₱170
Best Brownies₱220
Caramel Bar₱200
Banana Bread₱160
Halfmoon Cookie₱180
Artisan Bread₱150
Dinner Roll₱85
Pullman Loaf₱88
Loaf Bread85
Egg Pandesal₱90
Malunggay Pandesal₱75
Raisin Cups₱140
Garlic Sticks₱70
Hamburger Buns₱90
Lengua de Gato₱195

Pasalubong Items

Adobong Bagoong Small₱160
Adobong Bagoong Big₱260
Raw Honey₱280
Patis Puro₱95
Barako Beans₱85

All-Day Breakfast

Auntie's Bakery 1984 All-Day Breakfast
Longganisa W/ Egg & Garlic Rice₱330
Beef Tapa W/egg & Rice Garlic330
Champorado W/ Crispy Dulong & Salted Egg₱220
Lugaw Tokwa’t Lechon₱245


Plain Rice₱45
Bagoong Rice₱185
Tinapa Rice₱205
Seafood Rice 3 Pax₱530
Seafood Rice 10 Pax₱1430
Fiesta Mix 3 Pax₱665
Fiesta Mix 6 Pax₱1430


Auntie's Bakery 1984 Pork Belly
Pork Belly W/ Honey Sampaloc Sauce₱430
Sinigang Na Baboy₱360
Lechon Kawali₱350
Lumpiang Shanghai₱220
Barbecue 5 Pcs₱300
Chicharon Bulaklak₱360




Barbecue With Java Rice₱230
Garlic Adobo₱260
Chicken Lollipop₱200
Adobo SA Dilaw₱300


Auntie's Bakery 1984 Aunties Cheese Burger
Aunties Cheese Burger₱125
Hotdog in a Bun₱135
Meaty Spaghetti₱180
Tokwa’t Baboy₱165
Barbecue 5pcs₱300

Rosa’s Favorite

Auntie's Bakery 1984 Barbecue
Spicy Chicken Wings₱320
Daing Na Bangus320
Lechon Kawali₱345
Umpiang Shanghai320
Binagoongan Baboy₱345


Auntie's Bakery 1984 Bundles
Bundle A – Good for 8pax. Pancit Malabon Classic, BBQ, Real Cassava Pichi, Black Kutsinta₱1830
Bundle B – Good for 12pax. Pancit Malabon Classic, BBQ, Lumpiang Shanghai, Kut-Chi Bilao₱2870
Bundle C – Good for 18pax. Pancit Malabon Classic, BBQ, Lumpiang Shanghai, Kut-Chi Bilao₱4000
Bundle D – Good for 25pax. Pancit Malabon Classic, BBQ, Lumpiang Shanghai, Kut-Chi Bilao₱4300
Better Together – Good for 12Pax. Pancit Malabon Classic, with Kut-Chi Bilao₱1330




Sago’t Gulaman₱75
Kapeng Burako₱160
Red Tea₱60
Soda in Can₱75
Bottled Water₱40

Auntie’s Bakery 1984 History

Auntie Rosa Cruz, also known as the originator of Pancit Ng Taga Malabon, began Auntie’s Bakery Restaurant and More out of her basic interest and passion for baking. She is the sister of the late Monsignor Jose Cruz, the previous parish priest of Our Lady of the Abandoned Church in Sta. Elena, Marikina City. She is known as “Auntie” to her nieces and nephews, and they have great affection for her.

She began by perfecting her traditional recipe for Pancit Malabon. Then she went on to study correct baking techniques at Le Fountainebleau Culinary School, the only French baking school in the Philippines. It was a significant step in her career as a cook. She successfully passed along her cherished recipes for a wide variety of mouthwatering breads, cakes, and pastries that many generations have enjoyed.

Auntie’s Bakery 1984 Opening Hours

Bakery: 9am to 8pm Restaurant: 10am to 7:30pm.

Auntie’s Bakery 1984 Online Delivery Information

To arrange a delivery or pickup, you can call them directly via phone (numbers below) or message them on facebook for a quick response.

Auntie’s Bakery 1984 Contact Information

Auntie’s Bakery 1984 Philippines Address: 44 M.Gil Fernando Avenue San Roque, Marikina City, Marikina City, Philippines, 1801

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369-0000 | 645-3549

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