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The Aling Banang restaurant offers delicious Filipino fare for a quick snack or dinner. Try the deliciously prepared juane, lechón, and dinuguan that Aling Banang provides. Good ice cream and tasty halo-halo are delectable. The beer served here is delicious.

Aling Banang Menu:

Bilao Bundles

Aling Banang Bilao Bundles
BB1 – 5pax Pancit of Choice 5pax Spaghetti 20pcs Lumpiang Shanghai₱999
BB2 – 5pax Pancit of choice 5pax Spaghetti 20pcs Lumpiang Shanghai 20pcs Sweet Soy Wings₱1349
BB3 – 5pax Pancit of Choice 5pax Spaghetti 20pcs Lumpiang Shanghai 10pcs Pork BBQ₱1349
BB4 – 5pax Pancit of choice 5pax Spaghetti 20pcs Lumpiang Shanghai 20pcs Sweet soy wings 10pcs Pork BBQ₱1669

Pancit & Spaghetti (Bilao)

Aling Banang Pancit & Spaghetti (Bilao)
Bihon Bilao₱400₱900₱1100
Miki Bihon Bilao₱400₱900₱1100
Palabok Bilao₱400₱900₱1100
Canton Bihon Bilao₱400₱900₱1100
Malabon Bilao₱450₱950₱1150
Spaghetti Bilao₱450₱950₱1150

Family Platters

Aling Banang Family Platters
Lumpiang Shanghai Platter ₱240₱700₱1200
Pork BBQ Platter₱180₱500₱850
Lechon Kawali Platter₱350₱900₱1600
Pork Sisig Platter₱400₱1200₱2200
Caldereta Platter₱500₱1575₱2500
Sweet Soy Wings Platter₱350₱1150₱1900
Chopseuy Platter₱350₱1000₱1800
Lumpiang Toge Platter₱150₱400₱750
Lumpiang Shanghai Platter₱240₱700.00₱1200

Pancit & Spaghetti (Solo)

Aling Banang Pancit & Spaghetti
Bihon – Braised glass noodles₱80
Miki Bihon – Braised glass noddles mixed with fresh egg noodles₱80
Palabok – Glass noodles₱80
Canton – Stir fried egg noodles₱85
Canton Bihon – Stir fried egg and glass noodles₱85
Malabon – Thick glass noddles₱85
Spaghetti – Filipino style spaghetti with fresh ground beef₱85

Pinoy Favorites

Aling Banang Pinoy Favorites
Ox Tripe Karekare – Traditional Filipino stew with Ox Tripe (tuwalya) complimented with a thick savory peanut sauce₱119
Beef Nilaga – Traditional Filipino beef stew with vegetables119
Pork Bistek – A delicious take on the classic Filipino bistek with tender pork chop and a tangy and savory sauce₱109
Pork BBQ (2 pcs)₱70
Sweet Soy Wings (4 pcs)₱80
Pork Sisig₱95
Pork Sinigang₱105

All Day Breakfast

Aling Banang All Day Breakfast
Tocilog – Pork tocino served with fried egg and garlic fried rice₱129
Lechonsilog – Lechon kawali served with fried egg and garlic fried rice₱129
Bangsilog – Fried daing na bangus served with fried egg and garlic fried rice₱149
Porksilog – Marinated porkchop served with fried egg and garlic fried rice₱129
Shanghaisilog – 4pcs fried pork egg rolls served with fried egg and garlic fried rice₱129

Lechon Kawali Favorites

Aling Banang Lechon Kawali Favorites
LK Bicol Express – Crispy lechon kawali in a creamy cocounut sauce₱95
LK Binagoongan – Crispy lechon kawali in bagoong sauce₱90
LK Dinuguan – Crispy lechon kawali in a rich dinuguan sauce₱90
LK Kare Kare – Crispy lechon kawali in rich peanut sauce served with vegetables₱75
Lechon Kawali₱75


Aling Banang Sides
Atsara (120g) – Papaya Relish₱80
Lumpiang Shanghai (4 pcs) – 4 pieces of fried pork egg rolls₱50
Tokwa’t Baboy – Our signature lechon kawali with fried tofu and house vinegar. Good for 1 person₱80
Fried Tokwa – 1 piece of crispy fried tofu served with house vinegar₱25
Lumpiang Toge – 1 piece fried vegetable spring roll with house vinegar₱25
Suka (500ml) – Our signature vinegar. Great for tofu, lumpia and our special tabaron!₱80
Tabaron (200g) – Taba ng Baboy chicharon.₱160
Chili Oil (120ml)₱90

Noodle Soup

Aling Banang Noodle Soup
Bihon with soup – Glass noodles in a clear broth₱85
Miki-bihon w/ soup – Egg and glass noodles in a clear broth₱85
Lomi – Egg Noodles in rich broth served with crispy lechon kawali₱85
Pork Mami – Thin Egg Noodles in a clear broth served with crispy lechon kawali₱85


Aling Banang Desserts
Halo-Halo Special₱70
Saging con Yelo₱60
Homemade Ice Cream (3 Scoops)₱50
Leche Flan (1 Llanera)₱90
Ube (1 Llanera)₱120


Bottled Water – 500 ml bottled water₱20
Soda 1.25L – choice of pepsi, mountain dew, 7up₱70
House Blend Iced Tea (500ml) – Our houseblend of calamansi iced tea₱45

Aling Banang History

Aling Banang’s had its humble beginnings when Urbana Silva Santiago set it up in the 1930s at the San Juan Public Market. The stall had a table and a few long wooden benches that were modestly sized. The first dish was halo-halo, made with homemade ingredients like red monggo, white beans, sweetened banana, pinipig, macapuno, gulaman, sago, halaya ube, and leche flan. Empty evaporated milk tin cans were used to serve the delicious dessert. Throughout the summer, Aling Banang typically opens her shop.

The fifth of Aling Banang’s twelve children is Adoracion, also called Ising. She began working in her mother’s halo-halo stall at 18 and quickly earned her reputation as a tenacious young lady. After getting married, she began her own family. She had her hands full taking care of 8 kids while also trying to make ends meet, but she never showed any signs of slowing down. To preserve her mother’s legacy, Ising kept Aling Banang’s name when she took over the straightforward and modest stall her mother had built.

Ising finally decided to grow the company after a few years of operation. She expanded her menu and served various noodle dishes, including palabok, bihon guisado, bihon with soup, and homemade ice cream.

Halo-halo and pancit bihon have made Aling Banang’s famous. Pancit bihon is well known for its exceptional flavor and crunchy, juicy lechon kawali topping. In contrast, Aling Banang’s halo-halo is known for its divine leche flan and homemade ice cream.

Aling Banang Online Delivery Information

You can order directly from the Aling Banang, choose from their online Menu, and have the food delivered to you. Also, with the abundance of food delivery apps (such as FoodPandaGrabFood, etc.), you can choose one to make your order.

Aling Banang Branch Finder & Opening Hours

Currently 4 locations are available, for dine-in and online orders.

  • San Juan: 240 N Domingo St. Brgy Corazon De Jesus, San Juan City Metro Manila, Telephone: 09052368721, Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 07:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Tuesday CLOSED. (Also operated as Banang Express)
  • Quezon City: 284 E Rodriguez Sr Ave 108 Dona Anita Bldg Brgy Damayang Lagi Quezon City, Telephone: 09953535015, Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 07:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Sunday CLOSED.
  • Makati: 1198 Vito Cruz Extension Brgy Sta. Cruz, Makati City, Telephone: 09165623120, Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Sunday CLOSED.
  • Pasig: 34 Countryside Dr Brgy Sta Lucia Pasig City, Telephone: 09153413183 Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Tuesday CLOSED.

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