Alberto’s Pizza Menu Prices Philippines 2023

Alberto’s Pizza gained tremendous popularity in the Philippines due to its unique and extensive pizza offerings, attracting customers from all walks of life to dine in or take out their favorite Pizza. Their first branch was opened in Mabolo, followed by several other locations. Ninety stores were opened, including eight in Cebu City and one in Talisay, Minglanilla, Lapulapu, Mandaue, and Consolacion. The possibility of opening outlets outside Cebu is currently being considered.

Alberto's Pizza Branch
Alberto’s Pizza Branch

Despite experiencing both successes and challenges, Alberto’s Pizza, a unique Cebuano phenomenon, is committed to providing the public with high-quality and affordable Pizza and creating job opportunities for less fortunate individuals.

Alberto’s Pizza Menu:


QM=Quickmelt Cheese / MZ=Mozzarella Cheese
Alberto's Pizza
9′ QM9′ MZ11′ QM11′ MZ
Cookies n’ Cheese Pizza₱90₱110₱130₱150
Oreo Pina Pizza₱95₱115₱135₱155
Yummy Hotdog Pizza₱105₱125₱155₱175
Ham Delight Pizza₱110₱130₱160₱180
Garden Express Pizza110130160₱180
Aloha Pizza₱125₱145₱175₱195
Pizza Supreme Pizza125145175195
Hawaiian Pizza125145175195
Vegetarian Pizza₱130₱150₱180₱200
All Hungarian Pizza130150180200
Beef Pepperoni Pizza₱140₱160₱190₱210
Beef and Mushroom Pizza140160190210
Pizza Burger Pizza140160190210
Ham & Egg Pizza145₱165195₱215
Chicken Garlic Pizza145165195215
Bacon Mushroom Pizza145165195215
Chogburizo Pizza₱145165₱195215
Tuna Garlic Pizza₱150₱170₱200₱220
Chocomallow Pizza160₱180210₱230
Cheesy Krainer Pizza160180210230
All Pepperoni Pizza160180210230
Three of a King Pizza160180210230
Buffalo Chicken Pizza₱160180₱210230
Taco D’ Albertos Pizza170190220240
Diavolos Pizza₱170₱190₱220₱240
Beef Shawarma Pizza180200230250
Meatlovers Deluxe Pizza₱180₱200₱230₱250
Shrimp and Mushroom Pizza₱200₱220
Sisig Twist Pizza₱220₱240
Sausage Mania Pizza220240
Spinach n’ Chicken Pizza Pizza220240
Loaded Hawaiian Pizza220240
Spanish Sardines Pizza₱230₱250
Anchovup Pizza Pizza230250
Meaty Royale Pizza₱240₱260
Royal Rumble Pizza240260
Luncheon Meat Pizza₱250₱270
Salad Pizza Pizza₱260280
Loaded Pepperono Pizza260280
Alberto’s Full House Pizza260280
Surf and Turf (modified) Pizza260₱280
Pizza D’ Marina Pizza₱290₱310

Pizza Combos

Combination of Quickmelt & Mozzarella
Alberto's Pizza Pizza Combos
Chizzo Trio (Three Cheese) – 9″₱130
Chizzo Trio (Three Cheese) – 11″₱180
Breakfast Mix – 11″₱220
Veggie Chix – 11″₱260
Royal Flush – 11″₱290

Breakfast Meals

All Meals Served with Rice & Egg
Chicken Hotdog₱45
Chorizu de Cebu70
Ham Sausage76
Corned Pork₱90
Corned Beef90
Luncheon Meat₱95
Cheese Krainer₱110
Hungarian Sausage110
Spanish Sardines130
Plain Rice₱18
Extra Egg18


Alberto's Pizza Fruit Shake
Fruit Shake (Regular)₱50
Fruit Shake (With Ice Cream)₱65
Halo-Halo Espesyal₱68
Cucumber Shake₱50
Calamansi Shake₱50
Mocha Shake50
Oreo Shake₱50
Choco Shake50
Ice Cream Sundae₱98
Nature’s Spring (500ml)₱20

Alberto’s Pizza History

Alberto’s Pizza is a pizza company that originated in Cebu and started in a modest location at B. Rodriguez in Cebu City, right across from the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center Hospital. After much deliberation, a group of friends, seeking ways to supplement their income, decided to establish a small business.

Eventually, they devised setting up a pizza parlor to deliver pizzas to their customer’s doorsteps. Despite having limited funds but boundless enthusiasm, Alberto’s Pizza was finally established on February 28, 2008.

The owners wanted their business to stand out from the competition, so they created a high-quality pizza that was also very affordable. Due to the limited space, they focused on pizza delivery and soon gained a following among doctors, interns, nurses, and staff at nearby hospitals who craved pizza delivery.

Alberto’s Pizza Online Delivery Information

Free delivery is provided when ordering directly from an Alberto’s Pizza store, or you can use a food delivery service such as Foodpanda for a quick order.

Alberto’s Pizza Branch Finder

There are roughly 90 Aleberto’s Pizza locations across the philippines, you can see a full List of Branches, an exact address and telephone number for each store is provided.

Alberto’s Pizza Contact Information

Alberto’s Pizza Philippines Head Office Address: Pope John Paul II Ave., Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines

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