Affinitea Menu Prices Philippines 2024

The premium tea leaf extracts used by AffiniTea are meticulously processed to guarantee that every cup of tea contains the maximum amount of beneficial nutrients. They are nutritious and come in a variety of tastes that are sure to please. At a low price, they provide a large selection of tea varieties that are delicious and healthy.

Milk teas, herbal drinks, specialty drinks, AffiniTease, smoothies, and nature’s salt and cheese drinks are just a few of their items. With their premium, health-focused, and all-natural teas, AffiniTea hopes to revolutionize the tea industry.

Affinitea Menu:

Milk Tea

Affinitea Milk Tea
Milk Tea₱137
Jasmine Milk Tea137
Roasted Oolong₱188
Thai Milk Tea₱163

Affini Tease

Green Apple Iced Tea₱124
Kiwi Iced Fruit Tea124
Lychee Iced Tea124
Mango Iced Tea124
Passion Fruit Iced Tea124
Blueberry Iced Tea124
Strawberry Iced Tea124
Mojito Grapefruit Iced Tea137
Winter Melon Iced Tea137


Affinitea Smoothies
Coffee Smoothie137
Cocoa Smoothie137
Honeydew Smoothie137
Taro Smoothie137
Oreo Smoothie₱163

Nature Salt & Cheese

Green Tea₱150
Winter Melon₱163
Cocoa NSC163
Cocoa Milk Tea with Strawberry NSC₱189
Matcha Milk Tea with Strawberry NSC189
Matcha Milk Tea with Matcha NSC189

Flavored Milk Tea

Affinitea Flavored Milk Tea
Hazelnut Milk Tea137
Chocolate Milk Tea137
Honeydew Milk Tea137
Taro Milk Tea137
Strawberry Milk Tea137
Blueberry Milk Tea137
Lychee Milk Tea137
Winter Melon Milk Tea₱150
Honey Milk Tea150
Roasted Cocoa163

Specialty Beverages

Affinitea Specialty Beverages
Yakult Green Tea₱137
Kiwi Yakult137
Affini Tea Fresh Milk Pudding Overload₱150
Affini Tea Fresh Milk Grass Jelly Overload150
Yogurt Milk Tea150
Premium Milk Tea163
Oreo Milk Tea₱163
Chocolate Oreo Milk Tea176
Dino Milk Tea₱176
Manang’s Matcha Milk Tea189
Iced Coffee Matcha₱189

Affinitea Online Delivery Information

You can use food delivery services such as Foodpanda and Grabfood to order your beverages directly to your home or office.

Affinitea Contact Information

Affinitea Philippines Head Office Address: 2587 A Leon Guinto Sr. St., Malate Manila, Philippines


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